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 Frederick S. Buck 9th Dan

American Kyokushin Karate President

Frederick S. Buck received his Kudan(9th Dan) Sept.9,2009, Votedin by Council & Branch Chiefs.

Inducted into

Masters Hall of Fame 2012 Platium Award

Hanshi Fred Buck interviewed on Radio at the Masters Hall of Fame

Dedicates the Award to Hanshi Don Buck, Sosai Mas Oyama and all the Kyokushin Karatkas.

Hanshi Don Buck taught his Son, (Fred) Karate, Judo, Jujitsu, Chi Gong & Kung-Fu Hereby I would like to

thank my father For the wisdom that I achieved while training with him in: Kyokushin Karate, Judo, Jujitsu,

Kung-fu and life. You are the Very Best! Thanks Dad Your son.

Fred’s Early martial arts training was varied and extensive from night club security, being a body guard to being a manager and second for kickboxing.Included Boxing with his step father George A. Cabano and a amateur record in the Navy of 3 wins &
0 losses, Ju-Jitsu with Rick Wetzel, Kosho-shorei Kenpo with Bruce Juchnik Shorin Ryu with Mike Bragg, American Kenpo with Bob Liles, Dave Kovar and Al Tracy.  Kyokushinkai with his father Hanshi Donald I. Buck
Aiki-Jujitsu & Judo with Professor Raymond (Duke) Moore, Tae Kwon Do with Alex Camillo . Sensei Fred Buck has
been in the martial arts for over 50 years now and currently operates the AKKO in Arizona His achievement;
Director of the American Kyokushin Karate Organization
Branch Chief of the International Kyokushin Organization
Karate Chairperson of the Pacific Amateur Athletic Union
Secretary of the Pacific Amateur Athletic Union
Chinese Martial Arts of the Pacific Amateur Athletic Union
Jujitsu of the Pacific Amateur Athletic Union
Registered as manager and second for kickboxing with
the California State Boxing Commission.
ATAMA & ISOK member. Plus he has a weight lifting club.
Professor in I.S.O.K. (International Society of
Karate-Do).M.D.T.C.M. degree in Hong Kong
specializing in traditional Chinese medicine.

Fred is interested in all aspects of the martial arts, sports,
self-defense, art, and health. His main goal is to carry on
the AKKO the way that he thinks his father would.
“I can never fulfill the shoes of my teachers and I won’t try,
I will only do what I think they would want me to do.”